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something about us

AI development

Original is a pioneer in the development of AI-driven solutions for various sectors. Our team of experts is constantly pushing the limits of AI to create intelligent systems that enhance decision-making and efficiency.

Blockchain Solutions

We are committed to building secure and scalable blockchain solutions. Our expertise in blockchain technology spans from developing decentralized applications (dApps) to providing consulting services for implementing blockchain in diverse industries.

Education and Training

Original is not just a technology company; we’re also passionate educators. We offer a wide range of training courses and workshops designed to help professionals and enthusiasts master AI and blockchain technologies.

Indistry Events

We take pride in fostering a vibrant community around AI and blockchain. We organize and host industry events, conferences, and meetups where thought leaders, developers, and business professionals come together to share insights and ideas.

some of our projects

Original ID will be a WEB2+WEB3 digital identity that will allow the user to identify themselves with data strictly necessary to connect to institutions or web services, and will allow wallets to be created in a “non-custodial” manner on different blockchains without having to memorize SEED or Private Keys

MyLugano is the app used by Lugano residents to pay with cryptocurrencies at over 400 city establishments and enjoy additional benefits. Establish your own cryptocurrency wallet and enjoy the benefits of using the app at preferred stores. Earn as much as 10% cashback on all your purchases.

3Achain represents a groundbreaking blockchain model, built upon three foundational pilars: Authority, Accountability, and Accessibility. This platform, championed by the City of Lugano, stands as an institutional-grade blockchain solution.


LVGA tokens serve as the recognized digital currency for transactions within Lugano. These tokens are accessed and controlled through a specialized digital wallet in the MyLugano App, utilizing blockchain technology for secure management.

a group of innovative companies

Our Future Vision is to looking ahead, anticipating economic and technological trends that impact changes in society. Original envisions a future where AI and blockchain become integral parts of business operations and daily life. We continue to explore new horizons and lead the way in bringing these technologies closer to realizing their full potential. Original is not just a company; it’s a hub for innovation, learning, and collaboration, where the AI and blockchain communities converge to shape a better future. 

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